Blackstone Electric Griddle

The Blackstone Electric Griddle is the perfect indoor/outdoor griddle for all of your cooking needs!

An electric griddle is a must for most kitchens.  This e series  22 gives a nice 22 inch griddle surface for easy cooking. Blackstone gives us a  large LCD digital display for easy readability. This first Blackstone  electric tabletop griddle for indoor and outdoor cooking is a hit!!

The patented rotate and removable glass hood provides sleek protection and traps heat for cooking and steaming.

The removable hood makes for easy cooking and cleaning. The non-stick ceramic titanium coated griddle surface ensures easy cooking and clean-up too. The dishwasher safe grease cup makes post-meal cleanup a breeze. We love  the rear grease management system.

Get your hands on this amazing griddle today – you won’t regret it! With its versatile features, this is one griddle you can use all year round. Indoor or outdoor – no problem!

How We Pick The Best Blackstone Electric Griddle

It's hard to find the best electric tabletop griddle.

There are so many different ones on the market, and it's tough to know which one is right for you. The non stick ceramic titanium feature is a definite plus. We love the cooking surface.

Not only do you have to worry about finding the right electric tabletop griddle, but you also have to make sure it's safe, convenient, and easy to use. Plus, you want it to deliver a great meal every time.

From a 17 square inch cooktop surface to much larger we've done the research. We've reviewed real users' experiences and picked out the top griddles on the market. The e series 22 works for us but for you the e series 22 may be just a hair too big, lucky for you there is a smaller one. Our picks include the Electric Blackstone Griddle as well as others that are compact, portable, and easy to use. We'll even talk a little about the non electric tabletop griddle.

Pick # 1

Blackstone Electric 8001  Table Top

Electric Griddle

Blackstone E Series 

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Why we Love Love this Pick

The new Blackstone E series was introduced the first part of 2021 as their indoor electric griddle. The The Blackstone E series comes in  a couple different sizes. Blackstone's first electric griddle was designed be used as a smokeless indoor grill or as a gas-free electric tabletop griddle or grill outdoors. If you've never owned an electric griddle for indoor and outdoor cooking, now just might be the time.

This versatile griddle is perfect for cooking up all your favorite dishes,  from pancakes and eggs to burgers and steaks.  The nonstick ceramic titanium coating on the 358-square-inch cooking surface and the clean-catch low profile patented grease management system, makes clean up a snap. Quick, easy and discrete. No need to worry about grease messes.  Just shoot the extra grease into the low profile patented rear grease cup hooked onto the back of the blackstone electric griddle. Yep we love our Blackstone.  We love electric griddles period!!

And get this

You control the temperature with the ez touch control dial. The control dial is easy to use and control the temp. There are  two independent cooking zones on your Blackstone e series 22 inch griddle. You can maintain optimal temperature for your food. We love that we can rotate or remove hood.Seasoning your griddle is easy, too. The Blackstone seasoning and conditioner are included. So what are you waiting for? The blackstone e series is a top pick. Get your grilling or griddling on today!

Check out These ratings

5 Stars on Amazon   Triker Girl---Good Indoor GrillWorks perfectly and is large enough to handle breakfast for the family but small enough to fit on any of the counter tops and stores neatly in the cupboard. Exactly what we expected from Blackstone.

5 Stars on Amazon   daniel trabucco--"What a great grill , easy to use , cooks great very affordable , a must buy"

Pick # 2

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill + Griddle

Electric Griddle

Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 

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The Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill + Griddle provides endless cooking possibilities in one appliance. It can be used as a full grill, full griddle, or half grill/half griddle, making it perfect for any meal. The price is right too.

This magnificent machine is a versatile cooking appliance that can be used for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The reversible plates include a griddle on one side and a grill is the other surface makes clean up quick, easy  and cooking fun. You can deliver pancakes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast; grilled cheese and hot sandwiches for lunch; or grilled steaks, hamburgers, chicken, fish, pizza, and vegetables for dinner.

The double cooking zones with independent, adjustable heat let you do two different dishes at the same time, while the center grease channel with drip tray underneath keeps your food clean and healthy.

You're gonna love this too

The 8-serving capacity is great for feeding a large crowd.

It is easy to clean: The Pfoa-Free Nonstick Plates and Drip Tray Are Removable for easy, dishwasher safe cleaning including the grease tray.So whether you're making breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill + Griddle has you covered.

This isn't in the blackstone e series but it has great reviews

5 Stars for you on this unit too - Real Reviews

5 Stars  RJS  -- "My wife and recently downsized to a smaller house. This machine fit perfectly into our "mini-kitchen". It cooks everything steaks, sausages, pancakes veggies to perfection. It comes with a temperature chart for the different foods you want to cook. When set right it cooks food and does not smoke or burn. The old "hot plate" burned and smoked and set off fire alarms"

5 Stars    Michele Thomas-- Best Griddle  "This griddle/grill is exactly what I wanted. It’s great. We love it"

5 Stars   Antoinette Mathis-- "Awesome Gift for Fathers Day"

"My boyfriend has been wanting a nice griddle for a while now. Bought this on sale and he loves it! It's easy to clean and can be used.......... ."

Pick # 3

Love This Almost As Much As Pick # 1

Blackstone Tabletop Griddle

Electric Griddle 

Blackstone TableTop 

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The Blackstone 22" tabletop griddle is the perfect way to make your camping adventures a delicious affair. This portable outdoor griddle has everything you need to whip up a smorgasbord of eggs, hash browns, bacon and pancakes all at the same time.

The compact size and lightweight design make it easy to take this griddle with you wherever you go, whether you're tailgating, camping, fishing or just hanging out by the pool.

The patented rotate and remove glass hood provides a great opportunity for you to use any cooking style. You'll love the hood.

With 339 square inches of cooking surface and 24,000 BTUs of heat, this griddle can handle all your cooking challenges quickly and easily. So bring your Blackstone tabletop griddle along on your next adventure and enjoy delicious meals anywhere! Be the hit of the party!

Know This Too

Whether you're trying to make breakfast for a large group or grill burgers for a family reunion, This Camping Griddle by Blackstone is up to the task. This heavy duty griddle is powered by two "H" style burners that ensure optimal heat distribution and even cooking. Both the burners feature built-in igniters and can be controlled independently, allowing you to cook food at different temperatures.

Cooking bacon or any other juicy meats, clean up can be tedious. Luckily, this camping Griddle features a rear grease trap that collects all the mess and makes after-cooking clean up a breeze.

So whether you're an experienced camper or just getting started camping, The Blackstone portable camping griddle is sure to make your next trip a success. Check out a few "5 stars" from Amazon.

Real Customer Reviews

5 Stars on Amazon  Jennifer-- "Best cooking for camping Ever!!!"

"We absolutely love this! It’s our first Blackstone purchase and we are officially huge fans!!! We camp every year and the cooking is always the worst part! Not this year! We made eggs, hash browns, cut up steak, quesadillas, bacon, sausage, pancakes- sandwiches-everything we cooked was awesome! No more uncontrolled temps of a small camp burner or burning over a fire.

We followed the instructions for seasoning the griddle and for clean up and it was amazing. This is the one you want! There are a few areas that cook hotter but that worked to our advantage when we were cooking 2-3 things at a time! We also got the griddle cover which was great when the sand was blowing all day and the steamer lid-that was great for the sausage. Can’t wait to find reasons to use it more often!"                              

5 Stars on Amazon  W Stearman--- A Great Griddle "Our first portable griddle was not a Blackstone. It was a Sams Club brand. I like the Blackstone much better. Particularly, it's automatic lighting system and the grease drain in the back."

5 Stars  on Amazon  Maldo-- "Easist ................"

"So far I dislike nothing about the Blackstone griddle and the price was reasonable. I am a 100% wood griller. Charcoal grilling takes time, and patience. I saw some videos about the Blackstone griddle and thought in might be easier and less messy than a traditional charcoal grill. I read the reviews and I bought one.

............  Thank you Blackstone"

Blackstone Electric Griddle  - Popular Questions

How should I clean my Electric Griddle?

First make sure that the griddle is turned off and unplugged. Then, using a spatula, remove any food that is on the surface of the griddle. Next, you will need to wipe down the griddle with a damp cloth to remove any grease or food particles. Once the griddle is wiped down, you can then apply a small amount of cooking oil to the surface of the griddle. It is important to use a very light amount of oil so that it doesn't smoke when you turn on the grill. Finally, once you have applied the oil, turn on the electric griddle and let it heat up for a few minutes.                           How do I season my Blackstone Electric Griddle?                                       The most common way is to use a vegetable oil or cooking spray and spread it evenly over the cooking surface. Then, heat the griddle on medium-high heat for about 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and let the griddle cool. Finally, wipe it down with a paper towel. You can also use a grill seasoning mixture to season.         What can I cook on my Electric Griddle?                                                        Just about everything, from breakfast to midnight snacks. If you enjoy cooking you're going to love an electric griddle. Some people even use their electric griddles to make stir-fries or fajitas. So if you're wondering what you can cook on your electric griddle, the answer is: just about anything!                                                   Can I use my Blacksone  Electric Griddle outdoors?                                  Yes! If you can plug it in you can use it.

Our Final Thoughts

From the blackstone e series to the non electric griddle we have searched far and wide. The reviews we've read number the thousands, from 1 star to 5 stars. From patented rear grease management systems to ceramic surfaces,

Gas is great and Propane is fine but the tanks can be a tad on the heavy side when full. We fell in love with cooking on the flat top vs the traditional grill.  The flat top allowed for grilling fish and veggies without any extra accessories.

We didn't have a hood with our flat top at the time either. But our chef friends crafted a couple different food coverings, a mini type hood.

Cooking outdoors with gas or propane in the dead of winter isn't necessarily fun. Hence our journey for table top, electric griddles, and our blackstone e series find. We hope this helps you choose the right table top gill for your needs. Whether you pick the blackstone or something else we appreciate you spending time here.

Pick your favorite by smashing the "check price at Amazon" button and get your griddle today!

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